The Holocaust problem among students

When in university or school we always see three types of students.The one type of students are the ‘follow the herd type’ of students.They tend to take their superior’s words to heart and act on it.Their man focus remain on getting marks not knowledge.Now we all now marks can be gained through several legitimate and illegitimate ways.This group uses both techniques when terms and conditions apply.

Now we have the second type.These students are those who are care free types mainly from the rich families.They have no worries about tomorrow.They while away their time in unproductive activities which need no introduction.They are feared in class and off class.The faculties get fedup with them.These group think everything in terms of money.

Now we can discuss about the third group.They do not belong from a well off family.These are the students that fall between the two groups.They tend to study more and focus mainly on gaining knowledge than on marks in exam.They fail to get the deserved scores in exams.The general public have a view that they are useless and waste their time on books.I fall in the third group.Let me tell you we face discrimination everywhere.We are treated like Nazi second class citizens.We are always looked down upon and we feel the days of Holocaust is near.We feel that our system is rigged.Our scripts are not checked properly.There is no room for innovation.Many scrutinize us thoroughly before trusting on some work.There is trust deficit between the society and us.The funny fact is during corporate life the two groups need special job training of one year before they are at all assigned actual responsible work.

I wonder often if our education system cannot meet the requirements of the business houses then why do we have such a system in place.The middle group tend to be productive at work from day one.They tend to earn more than their peers and become the hope of the society.I don’t understand how can this irony exist even in the world’s largest democracy where the mandate of the people is final?

It is time that we the mediocre students should make the society aware that being successful in life and in education is entirely different…Should we stop education?Hell no.We should continue it.Learning is a life long process.Education is meant for equipping us to achieve our dreams and not follow the system.I would recommend readers to watch this and read this book.You will know that we tend to be more successful.How many books do you read per week?How many things mentioned in the books do you apply in your life everyday?So stop criticizing us.

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