I ask, what are friends for? Today I can put into words what I’ve experienced over the past couple years with my friend.

The wind catches her curly, messy hair when we are in the freezing cold ocean together, and she lives in the beats of the music, that becomes a background to her presence. The mountains are a backdrop for her being in the ocean. The loud, hearty laugh and her full smile. We’ve exchanged songs and ideas over these past two years. She brings me closer to humanity with her touch. She’s different from me, and I become who I like to be with her. She’s gorgeous, and I hope she knows it. She carries the burden of all the marginalized in the world on her shoulders, and for that she is vulnerable. She has opened her home to me. With that comes a culture and a family that I would not have otherwise known. It has fueled my interest in language and food. Perhaps everyone should be able to glimpse another person’s life at this level. It has been a blessing that her and her family have let me be a part of their lives. From this one, intimate encounter with another family, I am going to generalize and be always biased that the human race is hospitable and caring.

It will be this time, this period in my life, that I’ll never get back, as is with every other moment in life. But I want to remember the moments, and her, in this light. Me and her together, even if in the future it won’t be the same. Her with her family, and me with mine. There’s an expiration date, I know, but I know I made the most out of every minute we spent together.

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