TIL from my mistake

Today I learned from being flawed. Today I learned that throughout my 25 years, I’ve wanted to be perfect and seen as perfect. Today I learned that I am not, never will be and that it’s okay. The standard I’ve been holding myself up against has restricted me from fully growing, because each time I make a mistake, I cringe and cry. I learn from it, eventually, but the process is so painful. Fear of making that mistake hinders me from ‘showing up’, from ‘doing’, from ‘speaking up’, from ‘seeking feedback’.

Today I learned that to be strong and resilient in the face of a storm, to be that rock, does not mean being perfect. The people who are strong will have flaws, but they will accept them. They will accept the world as it is and allow room for the word, ‘fixable’. Only then are they able to remain calm and composed in the middle of that storm.