A Real Mermaid on Instagram Elsa Boulos

Ami Chakma
Aug 2 · 2 min read

Elsa Boulos

A girl is full of life and positivity we can always notice it in her incredible pictures and stories. She is an Instagram blogger/influencer we came across her page and couldn’t help it not to write this article about her. Yes, we are talking about Elsa Boulos also known as MERMAID E.

Elsa Boulos

An American/Lebanese Instagram blogger and influencer. Her page clearly portrays her love for the beach, fashion, beauty, travel, and tropical life. She is a true beach babe. This gorgeous collaborated with many international brands and she was able to it in a perfect and unique way. Her style is always on point. She can wear her PJS and still looks beautiful with her natural beauty. Her content is very catchy and neat full of dreamy travel pictures that can simply be used as postcards. She is always wearing the right outfit for every picture showcasing her lifestyle, fashion and travel journey in the best way possible. Not to mention her jokes and pranks in her stories. If you visit her Instagram page you can clearly notice how she changed the fake blogging phase that most of the girls are currently promoting to a REAL and natural one effortlessly. This is what differentiates ELSA Boulos or MERMAID E from the others. We can’t wait to get an interview with her. We have a lot of interesting questions to ask Mermaid E.

To know more you can check her Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/elsaboulos/.

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