A Guide to Perform Google’s Mobile App Indexing

Mobile app indexing has a list long of benefits that aim at attracting a pool of users and re-engaging the existing set on users. But before anyone plans of reaping these advantages, it is important to know the ways of using this app and how it gets connected to a website as well as to client’s mobile app.

Precisely, Mobile App Indexing has come across as an easy way to resolve challenges pertaining to user engagement. It also endows the option to land on a website and search for relevant information by opening the connected mobile app which is installed on the devices. All those applications that feature mobile app indexing have a button dedicated to install/open as showcased in the search result. It facilitates the users to install as well as open the already installed application to search the required information.

Mentioned below are some of the key technical requirements which help in making use of this connection quite possible. These requirements help in setting compatibility with Android environment, as well iOS environment whilst outlining few basic differentiation.

  • It is important that the app must be designed using minimum SDK version > 17
  • This way it works greatly on Google app 2.8+ and Android Chrome 4.1+
  • To access it, it is important for the users to remain logged into their Google account on their mobile

The process of indexing involves the below-listed steps:

  • Configuring the website: Before you head for indexing, it is important to configure your website so that mobile app can set a connect between app and the site
  • Determining the deep links involves tracing content which is similar for mobile app and the website.
  • Setting Deep Linking in the Android App: In order to setup deep linking with Android app, filters are to be created that can register URL in the data element. These intent filters have 3 major elements namely Action, Data and Category.
  • Checking the Deep Links: This can be done using Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) which helps in checking the intent filter URLs which are already been specified in the deep linking step above. Additionally, users can run ADB commands through the console/shell.
  • Indexing the App Content: In order allow bots to index the android app content, users must add links to the header of each page on the website. This will improvise the results.

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