No Gift Wrap Required

The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus. Acts 4:12–13

Peter and John were able to rightly proclaim the Gospel, on the spot, in front of a crowd, with no hesitation. The crowd didn’t stop to check their degrees or level of knowledge. The Apostles saw a crowd witness a miracle and seized the opportunity to share the Good News. What gives someone that kind of gumption?! Easy answer, Jesus! More so, when you’ve been with Jesus you gain a clear understanding of the power we possess as He lives in us.

Being with Jesus gives us boldness. Being with Jesus gives us confidence and assurance that He can use us in any situation for His glory. Being with Jesus sets us apart. Being with Jesus qualifies us to be difference makers in our world.

So many young girls (and guys for that matter) are convinced that they have nothing to offer or don’t know enough to address one person much less a crowd. What a sad and terrible lie! We each have the ability to bring the most amazing gift ever given to mankind, through the blood and sacrifice of Jesus, to those around us.

Think about it this way: Everyone loves to receives gifts! When you bring a gift to someone you don’t have to have any qualifications to offer that gift. They receive with excitement as you would. In the same way no one cares how much training you have or how many times you’ve read through the Bible (of course reading the Bible helps). All of those things are an added bonus. Like a bow on top but they aren’t required and certainly aren’t necessary.

We focus too much on the wrapping sometimes and forget that the gift is what people need! The gift of salvation is the focus. The gift makes the difference. When we focus on the wrapping or the exterior essentially we are focusing on our self. Spend time with Jesus and He will remind you that it’s all about Him.

Some question to ponder: Are we spending time trying to make the gift look good or are we trying to make ourselves look good? Are we looking out for the reputation of the Gospel or for our own reputation?

The Gospel doesn’t need fancy gift wrap… It makes itself desirable, it doesn’t need our help to make it look good! We just give the gift. We can’t make people accept the work of the Cross or fall in love with Jesus. But we can share the message, plain and simple.

Ordinary men, no special training included. Extraordinary gift, no special wrapping necessary. Being with Jesus empowers each of us to share the gift that wraps itself.

When we get overwhelmed or are tempted to focus on our own inadequacies this is the best question to ask ourselves, “Have I been with Jesus lately?!”