Wait Patiently and Confidently

Waiting for God to move on our behalf is one of the hardest things in our faith journey to endure. It hits us from every angle and in every season. As a high school girl you are waiting to see if you get into college maybe, as a single girl you are waiting to get married, married women are waiting to get pregnant.. And it goes on and on. The sick are waiting on a healing, the innocent are waiting on an acquittal, the abuse are waiting on their freedom.

Waiting is apart of the game that we can’t get away from. The best thing to do is embrace the wait. God gives us two ways to look forward to what lies ahead.


  • Patiently comes first for a reason. Patience needs to be developed before confidence can come.


  • Knowing in your heart that whatever you’re waiting for is on the way!

Consider the restaurant example:

It’s like having a reservation at the hottest restaurant in town. Even if they are running behind and the timing isn’t what you’d thought it would be … You know you have a table. It’s a patience game now.

When you go to a well known restaurant with delish food and great reviews you expect to wait. You wait in the car line to drop your car off at the valet. Only to wait in the foyer to be led to your dimly lit booth among other bustling quest waiting to be served. Consequently you wait for the server to come over and go through their spill of the specials. Once you’ve ordered you wait for the food to arrive and make small talk until it does. Lastly you wait for the check. You pay for the food, the experience and he’s even the wait.

Once dinner is over you won’t remember the different stages of waiting. You’ll remember how delicious the food was and how much you love the people you are with then you’ll store that memory waiting for the next chance to do it all over again. At no point are you unsure that your dinner won’t make it to the table. The entire night surrounds the food. You wouldn’t go through all that trouble if you didn’t believe food would arrive to your table and some point or another.

God is always trying to teach us something through the good times and the bad. When we are waiting on an answer from God our experience will shift based on the attitude we approach the situation with.

The experience God gives us in the wait is worth the wait. Ironically God is patiently and confidently waiting on us to as we develop the skill of patiently and confidently waiting on God.