“Pretend you can never leave…” he said to me, when I first came here to Zakynthos for a visit, because I was so prone to leaving, because I was always on the run, ever the nomad, mapping out my next adventure.

But now here I am, on this Greek island…


A bittersweet good-bye to life as a refugee girl in Greece

“ I love my Greek school, it’s the first time I’ve ever really felt safe and welcome at school,” Adele tells me as we walk together towards the station for the metro she takes to…


photo by Louisa Gouliamaki

My first full day in Athens began with a run up to the top of Filopappou park, where, breathless, I could take in a full sweep of the sun-bleached city and end up staring at the Acropolis in the distance.

It was windy and…

I’ve been a documentary filmmaker, writer and journalist for decades. While filming projects mostly in other countries like Japan, Russia, Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Palestine and marginalized communities in the U.S., I was constantly confronted with the kind of lives and situations that were not only hard to film, but…

Amie Williams

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