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Fashion Revolution week has recently come to an end for another year and I can’t help but feel annoyed at the whole ‘revolution’ thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fashion Revolution week and all that it stands for.

I just don’t think it’s…well…revolutionary.

You want a revolution you say? The most revolutionary act we can participate in as fashion lovers, designers, and brands is the long-overdue decolonization of the Fashion industry.

We’re staring into the face of a giant of an industry whose very foundations are rooted in colonial values, and if we hope to continue to call this planet home for many generations to come then we’re going to have to do a hell of a lot better than just ask brands ‘who made my clothes?’. …

Earth Day ‘19

There is a lot of scary AF stuff going down right now on this beautiful mama planet we call home.

We’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, a severe loss of biodiversity and the warming of our planet…major problems that with out MASS behavioural change we will not outlive.

And I’ve been there…

In the deep, darkness.

The sadness, the anger, the blind outrage at what’s going on around me.

The fury over the way Papatūānuku,



Mother Earth has been treated….

I’ve also tried on apathy.

Just to see if it eased the pain of caring so deeply. …


Amie Berghan

Designer • Creative • Kaitiakitanga • Grammatically challenged word artist

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