A Proposal to Start a Responsible, Reliable, Reasonable Conservative News Organization
Jeff Jarvis

Ah, me. God grant me an intelligent enemy, you say, just an enemy that at least observes the same basic obvious sensible *facts* about the world as do we enlightened ones. It’s just so tricky to find “good” journalists who are also conservative, but I’m sure if we look hard, and really encourage the little ones especially, they can be nurtured.

As a foreign observer to the U.S. political scene, who participated in social media in the 2016 carnival of horrors, I’ll tell you what you need. Not another news outlet, there are some very good conservative sources. The only news feed I have kept since the 2016 election is the Daily Caller, there is some really good journalism there, if you care to look. (Check out “Ranbaxy”, a Clinton scandal that affected my tiny Third World country and was completely ignored by the mainstream media in the U.S., apart from the Daily Caller. The Clintons underwriting the biggest generic drug fraud in history, was a “right-wing talking point” in the election. These were adulterated and expired Aids drugs sent to poor Africans, you would have thought the “liberals” would have cared. Do you care?)

We are back in the good old USSR, where the official news in the newspaper called “Truth” is all Lies, and the only truth is found circulating samizdat-style on people’s photocopiers and printed from hand-typed stencils. Except now it’s tweets and microblogs and five-second video clips. I watched the massive coordinated social media attacks during the election — oh my, the HillBots were far more ferocious and obvious than any Russians or Trump machines — and watched how the forums self-monitored and analysed and filtered the flood of information and identified and flamed the trolls. And how at every turn, Google, Twitter, Facebook, all of them, moved to quell and quash and stamp out any real debate.

So this is what you need, in my humble opinion. You need to reinvent Twitter, but in a proper format, a transparent, honest, simple, decent format. One that registers posts with a proper date and time stamp, orders them properly, as they arrive, allows you your own choice of views — i.e., you choose your own rankings. Allows you to view posts between certain dates and other search parameters, instead of haphazardly by whatever Twitter feels like dishing up to you.

Anyone breaking the law can be dealt with in the normal way. For the rest, trust the collective to police itself. This is something the “liberal” will never do, it seems, they really don’t trust the masses, they think you’re stupid, need to be “guided” and “nudged” (per Cass Sunstein). I trust the masses. I also trust the dictum of George Orwell, that to be a writer means having an “infinite capacity for intellectual brutality”. Never more needed than now, and every public intellectual should be prepared to engage such a capacity in this day and age, or shut up and stay in the kitchen.

Then, you need to invent Google, and reinstate a feature that Google used to have, but exterminated very fast, because it was just too useful for activists and for human beings in general; and this was “discussions” or forum search. All the interesting information is buried in forums. The only crap of any worth in the mainstream media will always be referenced in the forums. People have learned to trust true expert wisdom, where you earn your spurs in the real world and prove that you have skin in the game; or to trust the collective unconscious, the wisdom of the masses. My parents were Communists, for the record, until they were thrown out of the party in 1956 for being bad Stalinists. But they both taught me one thing: don’t trust the clever dicks, the smooth talkers, the agitators, the politicians. Always trust *the people*, there really is deep wisdom among the masses.

Discussions search was a fabulous way to get at the collective intelligence; no wonder Google banned it.

Trusting the wisdom of the people has been my watchword my whole life, so you can hardly call me a “right winger”. But I feel that breaking the smug hegemony of the U.S. “liberal” chattering class is the most important job in the world right now. A very great danger was averted when Hillary Clinton was slapped down by a well-informed electorate. Again, I feel the Veritas videos, widely circulated on social media, were the crucial game-changer that defused Pussygate and exposed the manipulations and machinations of the mainstream media. To this day, you people go on and on about Russia, but you never mention Project Veritas.

I have a collection of old Time magazines from this election, some of them are hilarious (Sarah Palin saying early on of Trump, “No more pussyfooting around…”) But my favourite is a Time with a very sly-looking Putin on the cover, October 10 2016, saying: “Russia wants to undermine faith in the U.S. election. Don’t fall for it.”

This was when you thought Hillary was going to win. Now you are falling over yourselves saying: Fall for it! Fall for the idea that you fell for it! Oh, what faith can we have in such an obviously rigged election!! Oh, how those terrible Russians tricked us!! Tricked us into thinking Hillary Clinton might not be trustworthy, tricked, tricked, I tell you!

Lies and associated idiocies, you say. Lies and associated idiocies. That’s one of the better descriptions of the mainstream U.S. media I’ve seen, thanks, I may use that phrase.