I Just Have A Lot of Feelings: In Defense of The Personal Essay
Ashley Abramson

Well, this was worth scanning just for the gif of the cafeteria, it’s hilarious.

Beware of geeks bearing gifs.

I am also a writer, although I earn a living as a scientific editor. You are treading a very fine line here, when you put yourself out in the twitterverse. I am an activist, mainly fighting cellphone masts in kindergarten playgrounds. I regard this as an unplanned experiment on children without their informed consent; and therefore a war crime (see the Nuremberg Code). This makes me a very dangerous person to very powerful business interests. My Twitter account (@AmigoDaCasa) was recently shut down within seconds of my tweeting a British TV journalist on her thread about kids’ brains being destroyed by this technology. I actually said, this is a little blip, let’s see how Twitter reacts, and within seconds, I was locked out of my own account.

Go and check it out for yourself.

This is impressive. My parents were former Communist activists in South Africa under apartheid, and I grew up under constant police surveillance, harassment, and arrest without trial. I regard those as the good old days. The Special Branch would have loved these powers.

I was pretty active in this last US election on social media, posting anywhere I could post. I was a big Bernie Sanders fan, then (God help me) was for Jill Stein, as she made some extremely sensible statements about wifi and kids, which got her into a lot of trouble; so I threw the Nuremberg Code at as many trolls as I could.

I very soon learned, though: if it’s moderated, my post will NOT appear. Only one such moderated post ever appeared, when I congratulated a small website for carrying the Ranbaxy story, the Clintons’ fronting and underwriting of the greatest generic drug fraud in history. These toxic Aids drugs were widely distributed in my Third World (South) country, but this was totally covered up by the mainstream media, this was a “right-wing talking point”. Who cares, it’s just blacks dying: quote from a Ranbaxy executive. One would have thought the liberals might care about this.

So I just post when and where I can. Sometimes I can get on to a Medium story and comment, most times I can’t. I’m often just locked out of the comments section, although I’m signed in.

I’m just waiting for the day when Google censors my actual email. This is coming, make no mistake. The days of samizdat are back, I feel quite nostalgic.

Do you understand how incredibly precious it is, to able to post a tweet? To make a post like this? To have a tiny little burst of bandwidth somewhere? You have no idea what intense heat is coming down on us, the upfront activists. I’ve never known anything like it in 50 years of conscious struggle. And the heat is *all* coming from America, which has this insane and completely ridiculous concept of freedom of speech. You guys must really try it while you’ve still got it.

Thanks for the gif, it’s saved down. The correct table for the writer is always the “Table for one”, my dear. That’s you and your book.

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