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Amigo Infoservices is a Delhi based company which offers different types of BPO solutions to its clients. We strive for delivering the best quality services to our clients at most affordable rates for enhancing their profitability. You can get more details on Amigo Infoservices by visiting the Amigo Infoservices Facebook and Amigo Infoservices Twitter networks. Each of our services are fine-tuned and customized to specific requirements of our clients and to assist them in making informed and sound business decisions.

Type of Services Offered

We provide a wide range of services to our clients in the BPO industry. Amigo Infoservices jobs include the following:

Survey Work

We provide survey work to our clients. We take efforts to understand the specific requirements of our clients and plan the survey work accordingly. Amigo Infoservices Delhi has a team of field executives who have good experience of conducting similar large-scale survey work for different clients. They are well-versed with the intricacies of survey work and can deliver the best results quickly. Out survey work provides high-quality data and reports to the clients who can plan their products and services based on the customer’s requirements.

Customer Support Services

Servicing customers is an integral part of any business. We provide customer support services to our clients. We have sufficient IT infrastructure and trained human resources with us who ensure best quality end-user experience with short turn-around times. This enhances the overall experience of the customers and helps them to build positive association with our clients. Our experienced staff are well-versed with the processes involved in customer management and grievance redressal.

Data Entry

Data entry outsourcing projects are growing at a healthy pace. Most big enterprises have lots of data entry works which they are unable to handle themselves due to time and resource crunches. Amigo Infoservices provides excellent data entry services to our clients. Our staff are trained on the data entry process and ensure highly accurate and complete data which is error-free. The data is checked and verified at different levels before sharing with the clients which ensures that they get only high-quality and error-free data.

Software Services

Software services is another vertical which we excel at. We have expert software professionals on our rolls who provide customized solutions to the clients depending on their needs. We provide end-to-end software services for outsourced project and ensure complete adherence to the service level agreements with our clients. This ensures that the clients get the desired quality outcome at affordable cost.

Data Verification

We also provide data verification services to our clients. Data verification involves cross-checking and analyzing data. We provide comprehensive data verification services which help our clients to develop better understanding about their customers, their preferences, expectation, etc. This means that our clients get authentic and verified data from us which they can use to make sound business decisions.

Other BPO Works

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also provide other customized BPO services as required by our clients. These services help our clients to achieve better efficiency and productivity in their business operations.

Why Choose Amigo Infoservices

Amigo Infoservices has always been the preferred outsourcing partner of various clients. The features and qualities which differentiates us from the competition and influences clients in choosing us are as follows:

Industry Experience and Expertise

We have rich experience of handling various large-scale outsourcing projects. We know the intricacies and finer details of executing different types of outsourcing projects which makes us preferred partners among many clients. They place their faith on us due to our competencies and abilities to deliver the planned outcomes for any outsourcing project within the stipulated timeline and budget. We offer complete peace of mind and quality assurance to our clients.

Latest IT Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure enables us to provide high-quality services to our clients. We make use of the latest software and hardware equipment which are regularly updated and conform to the latest standards. We also have adequate IT infrastructure and can deploy additional infrastructure immediately if the client wants to upscale the project. This flexibility in upscaling or downscaling the project in terms of both IT infrastructure and human resources are highly appreciated by our clients.

Trained Manpower

Manpower is very important factor for agencies to succeed in the highly competitive BPO industry. Our management team and senior professionals have years of rich experience of managing BPO projects and meeting the deliverables as per the client’s requirements. The management team provides strategic guidance and leadership to the project teams for delivering on the projects. We train our staff regularly to ensure that they are updated on the latest developments and trends in the BPO industry. Our human resources make us stand out from the competition which is also acknowledged by our esteemed clients.

Quality Assurance

Amigo Infoservices is committed towards meeting the highest quality standards in all its outsourced projects. We ensure first-call resolution and minimal resolution times to all our clients. This results in improving the end-user experience of their customers and building positive brand image and brand loyalty for their businesses. Our clients can rely on us to deliver 100% quality assurance and robust monitoring of projects.

Data Security

Data security is not only a key business consideration for us but also a matter of ethical and legal importance. We take pride in ensuring complete data security for our clients. We make use of the latest IT infrastructure and trained manpower which results in better data security. All our offices and call centers are equipped with CCTV cameras. We also take regular backup of the client data and keep it stored in an encrypted format which cannot be intercepted.


Cost-effectiveness is a major consideration for clients when they outsource projects to BPO partners. We have the latest infrastructure and professionals on our rolls which enables us to provide our services at the most competitive prices to our valued clients. Our clients can save considerable cost by outsourcing projects to us compared to implementing it on their own.



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