I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

Okay. The goal of most trans women is to be seen as women, which is what we are. Yes, I accept the status of being trans but trans and cis are just recognition statuses; kinda like the difference between someone born into a multi-million pound estate and one who had to earn it for themselves. I do respect that as a rape survivor, you would no doubt be uncomfortable seeing that kind of genitalia. As a rape survivor myself, the only reason I’m not uncomfortable is because I couldn’t really escape the existence of my own. However, there are some issues with the article. Before I explain the first one, I will point out that the woman you’re referring to is not really a good example of the rest of us; however, while awards may be gender specific, it’s the achievement that counts towards the award; not the gender, otherwise every woman, cis and trans would win it every time. That said, I don’t really feel the woman who won that award achieved anything either.

No one says you can’t question. Where the issue comes in is when you have already made your mind up before the ‘questioning’ begins. My support group had that recently when someone came to us, having already made up her answers and the only questions she had at all were deliberately structured to state that we were only pretending, an example being, “Where did you buy your wig” despite it being clear we weren’t wearing wigs.

Also, I’ve yet to hear anyone say you can’t refer to breast-feeding. As a woman myself, breast-feeding is one of the many things I wish I could do but know I never will. The only consideration really is in regards to how doctors talk about trans parents, visa vie, a trans woman is, generally, a mother while a trans man is a father.

I can’t say I agree that a physical piece of equipment has any validity in defining gender since men have so long used it to say that women are nothing more than vagina’s on legs and I would not accept anything that encouraged that view.

Also, as for changing rooms, I don’t really like people seeing stuff on me that I don’t like seeing on me either; therefore, I’m thankful to hear, although haven’t experienced yet that female changing rooms in Britain have cubicles.

Cis-Only Spaces: If we can have trans only spaces, which I’ve yet to hear actually happening, why not? However, even if cis and trans-only spaces were allowed, be careful where you put them because otherwise we have a repeat of the 1950’s with the white only spaces. Best idea, keep them small and not isolating or segregating in nature. So, an example, avoid cis-only cafes and pubs, etc.

Sexuality is about gender and not physical parts. However, as a rape survivor, I would be suspicious of any person, cis or trans, who disrespected another person’s lack of wish to date them. I won’t go on any further as I’m not really sure what the limit is on my reply. However I will say that the claim that a trans woman says she is not a woman is kinda weird since being a woman is key to being a trans woman. You may as well post a cis woman saying that cis women aren’t women.

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