The next market leader of exchanges are here

Back in January, when it was the golden era for Bitcoin, the total cryptocurrency market cap was little over 800 Billion USD with 24 hour volume at 44 Billion USD. That means a whopping 44 Billion of USD funds were traded within a day in numerous exchanges. Even as of today with an extremely bear market, 24 hour volume is close to 11 Billion USD. That is all possible to various centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges out there. So it is obvious that exchanges play a vital role in cryptocurrency arena.

Time to time various exchanges played the part of market leader starting with Mt.Gox (we all know what happened with that one) and currently one can say it is either Binance or Coinbase. Annually there are hundreds of new exchanges popping up but we cannot see that any one is close to perfection in every way.

“I definitely hope centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as possible”

Those are the famous words of Vitalik Buterin, but the truth is centralized and decentralized each have different pros and cons. Centralized exchanges are more robust, user friendly and have great support meanwhile in DEX’s you control your own funds and you do not pay unnecessary fees.

What if there is an exchange which can utilized either as a centralized or decentralized depending on the user requirement

Well there is, introducing AXNET (, an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange which can be used as either centralized or decentralized. It is a Trading platform designed with high speed, security, & compliance in mind

AXNET is a revolutionized upcoming exchange

AXNET is so brilliant that with a flip of a switch users will be able to use either centralized or decentralized version. Finally an exchnage with good parts from either side. Vitalik, no need to get upset anymore!

We see good exchanges out there but there are so many bad ones out there too, but they all seems to have some common problems. Some ones suffer from poor technical architecture. They suffer badly in security, efficiency, speed, and scalability which are very important factors in delivering good service to the user. Mostly the security aspect. We have seen few news regarding the hacking of some exchanges. Some small ones lack of good market liquidity. Traders should be able to exit from the market at profitable times but having a shallow orderbook means high slippage when trading, which is very expensive for traders.

Some exchanges are famous for their bad customer service. You don’t want your support ticket get dragged weeks even for some simple issues. A good product should have good support. Also many of them out there do not support fiat trading which is an important feature in terms of market cap growth.

AXNET will tackle all of the above problems and also will have some cool features which are not present in any of the exchanges. There is an awesome team behind AXNET and they aim to be among top 10 exchanges world wide. AXNET trading system uses a hardware-accelerated and highly-efficient memory matching engine that is capable of sustaining 2 million order making/ second and 1 million order processing/second. That means AXNET is very robust and scalable. Also we can say their security will be one of the top notch with security layers in system and operational level.

Features of AXNET

ERC 20 based Axnet Token (AXN) will be issued in ICO stage and AXN can be utilized within the AXNET platform for various purposes. Exchange can be used either as centralized or as a DEX and margin trading also will come in future. Also by Q3 of 2019, DEX will be based on EOS platform. Exchange will be open for many fiat currencies as well. AXN tokens can be utilized to pay exchange fees which will have a 50% discount and also trading fees will be given back to users with AXN.

You can read more about AXNET and participate in their ICO by refering to here-

Also read more in the whitepaper here —

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