On May 10–12, 2016 — World History Will Be Made

Barack Obama once said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

On May 10–12, Legacy Innovation Group will lead the first ever Innovation Bootcamp in the Middle East. #IBC2016. And we invite everyone who wants to be “the ones we’ve been waiting for” to join us in this history-making event (you can sign up at ibc.leadmena.com). The destination is Dubai.

Legacy Innovation Group has always been about “making a dent in the universe”… about leaving fingerprints on the world. After all, our mantra is “helping companies create a legacy of innovation the world will remember.” So we suspect that this will be just one of many instances where we are a part of making world history — with many more “dents” to come!

We are eagerly looking forward to #IBC2016, which is being hosted by our friends at LEAD (leadmena.com). The theme of the bootcamp is The Journey to Innovation Leadership. In the bootcamp, we will be teaching business leaders from both private and public sectors how to think like startups — seeking and finding 100X breakthrough innovations in their work. The topics we will cover include the mandate for market relevance and long-term resilience; the role of innovation in achieving that; formulating innovation strategies; how to find and cultivate our innovation “hunting grounds”; design thinking principles; business model innovation; customer experience journey mapping; and building winning business plans so that businesses can choose their best bets to pursue.

To make this all very engaging, the bootcamp is being staged as a business plan competition. Participants will be grouped into teams; each team given a challenge to tackle (or organizations can bring their own); teams led in reframing the problem to a deeper level; teams then led in conceiving a 100X breakthrough solution to the problem (through nonlinear breakout thinking), including exploring totally new business models and customer experience journeys. Finally, teams will be shown how to develop winning business plans (condensed versions for the purposes of the bootcamp) around their idea. Finally, on Day 3, there will be a pitch competition — each team will spend 10 minutes pitching their idea to a panel of judges. Afterwards, the judges will select the winners and prizes will be awarded. This promises to be an event that participants will remember for a long time to come!

And to add yet more bonus to this event, because it is being sanctioned by the Global Innovation Institute (globalinnovationinstitute.org), the content has been designed to teach the subject of Innovation Strategy, such that participants who so choose may take the CInS® exam to become a Certified Innovation Strategist. GII certificates are demonstration-based professional certifications reflecting mastery of subjects relating to specific roles associated with running innovation programs in organizations (see the GII web site for more details).

Finally, Legacy Innovation Group is proud to come alongside our neighbors in the United Arab Emirates as we join them to be “the voice of innovation”, and as they seek to carry out their recent National Innovation Strategy. We have met with such prestigious groups as the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and are incredibly impressed with the efforts now under way there. We fully support the efforts of H.H. Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum in striving to make the UAE one of the most innovation nations on earth by 2021. Already, key activities are in place to drive great things there, such as the Dubai Innovation Index, modeled after the Global Innovation Index and tailored to the needs of the region. We have no doubt that the UAE will make great strides along this journey throughout the coming years. We look forward to being a part of that journey.

Now… let’s get back to making world history. #IBC2016.

Anthony Mills is the Founder and CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, an award-winning growth and innovation consulting firm serving clients from around the world. Learn more at legacyinnova.com, or drop Anthony a line atanthony.mills@legacyinnova.com.

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