In the world of superlative virality, honest products will eventually prevail.

It is correct for moths to circle the light because it’s a natural instinct. But what they don’t know is that they are eventually killing themselves.

This a look at the things that has garnered worldwide attention in a viral manner, why it is a very worrying trend and why the alternative solution will eventually prevail.

The stuff that went viral.

1. Gangnam Style
  1. Gangnam Style, Miley Cyrus & other crazy dances.

Due to distorted noise to signal ratios, things that go viral are often hyper-skewing cultural norms and perceptions.

This is extremely worrying because there are limitations to how far we can stretched what is normal to hyper-normal.

What happens when what is hyper-normal becomes a norm, and is then being further skewed just to gain the virality it requires?

It’s true, that the content creator assumes no responsibility to what happens then because they are simply creating something that viewers are more likely to view, share & talk about. At the same time, each individual viewer are also responsible for their own individual consumption. However, at this rate, both parties are simply like moths, drawn towards the light because of a natural urge but eventually flapping their wings to exhaustion and death.

2. Vine, Flappy Bird & Yo App

This is trickier.

While some apps are very entertaining & addictive, the onus is still on the consumer. It is afterall their own personal consumption.

However, since each downloads, views or loops equate to some possible forms of monetization in the future, investors & entrepreneurs are then motivated in another vicious cycle, for the creation of such apps.

This means that when a product is truly valuable & useful to its own specific niche of users, it may not get sufficient or necessary amount of fundings because funds are drawn towards more viral apps. In turn, it creates a cycle of lesser inventors & entrepreneurs to put in resources to create products with real value simply because there isn’t sufficient views, loops or downloads.

The solution: Honest Products

Here’s a hypothetical utopian solution:
1. Instead of stupid, semi-spastic & naked dances, that merely entertains;
content that are created are both entertaining, poetic & challenges the viewers to think.
Here’s a brilliant sample by Anna Akana:

You can view the rest here: Short Films.

2. Apps have an in-built limiters/reminders that shows this human ability to let their users know that while they appreciate the usage on a regular basis, they would also want their users to focus more on the things that made them human in the first place.

And there are many more opportunities for the creation of such responsible products;

Like a food product:

Why honest products will prevail

Karma Points.
In theory, products that care about their users’ well-being, will be used & recommended more.

You know, like the all great villain and hero movies, good will always prevail eventually. People will get tired & fatigued of the next hype or hyper-skewing of normality. They will then seek products or things that deliver wholesome values.

Even if they don’t get fatigued, users who use products that care about their own well-being would live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. They achieve more, earn more & eventually be the population with the spending power. This creates a demand towards better products and the supply towards lesser products would eventually diminish.

Personally, I’m hopeful for a better future. I think it’s time for us to move away from consumerism & capitalism. It’s time for us to discern the things that we consume. At the same time, with the ability to create, we should also be responsible for shaping the future that we want.

In all of our minds & hands, we have probably come to this point in time where we have the ability to create a real utopia or a dystopia in our lifetimes.

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