You talking to me?

“It’s only by getting to know you, your wants, needs and desires that Magnet can create kitchens that are as individual as you are.”
~ 100 Great Copywriting Ideas

In the 87-word press ad for Magnet, the word “you” or “your” appears 8 times. There are just 3 references to Magnet. The ratio of reader : Magnet is approximately 2.7 : 1 (8 : 3).

The idea to ensure that your readers feel as though you’re talking to them is — to use one simple word over and over again.
The word is “You.”

Now, what did you do the last time you approached a prospect?

Note to self

Here are my self-reminders for writing my next copy pieces:
(Feel free to add more notes in the comments section…)

1. Keep making references to my reader or listener.

2. Speak less of myself, my company or what we do.

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