“Going the extra mile is fruitful or not?”

In person drop is important or not? In person drop means going extra mile. I think this is important for the practice of interview and getting experience. I went extra mile and want to share my experience.

Experience: I went to Engro Fertilizer Company in Faisalabad on Monday at 3:00pm. Gate keeper allowed me to enter. I went inside and first met with helper. I told him that I wanted to meet with manager Zulfiqar Sb. He went to the manager. He came back after 5 minutes and said to me “please you wait in the waiting room. I will inform you when Sir is free”. I waited in the waiting room for about 20 to 25 minutes. Then at last the helping boy said to me” please go, Sir is free now”. I went to the manager’s office. First I said Aslamoalikum and asked may I sit? He allowed me and then I started with introduction. In introduction I delivered my elevator pitch. Then I asked for the job of BDO and showed my passion for this post. I also told him about the internship. He listened to me carefully but at the end he said first call to the manager and asked for meeting. But his response was very positive. He told me I will inform you, when the jobs will be available. He gave me 20 minutes. At the end I thanked him and asked for his email. He gave me his email. I sent him thank you email at that night.

Learning point: I will always try to find the contact number or email of the interviewer. I will call him or email first then I will go for the interview.