People like to see you are real.

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I am not sure about you but whenever I see that someone is promoting the most perfect photos, and only the amazing part of their services or products something is suspicious to me. The first thing I do is go to forums and check what other people say about them. I need a more real touch.

It is a fact that human beings, by nature, are not perfect creatures, than how a product or service they offer can be the best possible and without any flaws?

It is not.

Don’t forget to market your flaws also

Don’t market perfection. …

For real now.

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Just found an interesting website that had some materials about marketing and after exactly 10 seconds of scrolling they show me a pop up to subscribe. I kindly declined it. Well, because that was not enough to Gods of pop ups after one more scroll another pop-up came up inviting me again for the same thing.


Does anyone really signs up like that after 10 seconds. I mean I heard about love on the first sight but c’mon give me a minute to catch my breath before I get to know you.

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Marketing is not advertising. Full stop.

Thinking that these two phenomena are same is the problem.

Marketing is about creating a brand’s personality. Advertising is about promotion this brand’s personality. If you don’t have the first one what can you promote? Only dust, air and empty messages.

This is why people don’t trust in “marketing” anymore.

Marketing is focused on building brand’s identity. Just like your personal identity makes you uniquely you, marketer is in charge to do the same thing for the brand. If you don’t have built in values and concepts what else is left to promote?!


Telling the truth is hard. But the feeling of it is as easy as a breeze.

Lately, wherever you go you will see all kind of of words crafted just to get your attention. So is a lie worth your attention? Well, if you check the marketing industry- it is worth millions and millions of dollars so I guess fucking yes.

What if we choose to turn our heads and ignore those lies, what will happen? A change.

There is something very specific in the marketing industry and that is data. Marketers use various kind of tools to check user…

Short Freddie lessons that can be applied in marketing.


Always be true to yourself.

Copy paste — not so ok.

Learning from others and creating your own mix — very ok.

Queen as a band always aspired to take a little bit of every music genre and create their own style which was so unique at that time that their music was even not acceptable (IMAGINE!) by some music producers but they still continued. Why? They were bold enough to believe in their own music and to always stay true to themselves.

In marketing this is a move to…

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Don’t live in the chaos. Cut right through it.

Many people think about creative chaos as a must if you want to be any kind of an artist. They see that in all of that chaos you need to walk on the edge of your mind silently and slowly to see a clear picture, the right word, the elegant move that will visualize your thought process and make it clear.


But there is a beauty in structure. The universe, that outreaches our mind with its magnificence, is build on structures. So, why avoid it?

While writing over the years…

Number one: do what everyone else is doing

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Looking at marketing from a broad perspective, you can see a very big field filled with so many opportunities. Opportunities that can go right — and more often, can also go wrong.

Marketing is a living matter, and the activities you are trying to deploy should always be aligned with the market needs and desires, not yours. Moreover, marketing is not there to bring gain to you. It is there to bring gain to others.

However, decades of mass marketing activities have put this phenomenon in a position where people don’t trust it anymore. That’s not because of marketing itself…

Put your life in a story and see what happens.

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I have this opportunity to work in an environment full of young, experienced, passionate people who definitely know how to do their thing.

While they know how to do their thing, they have a hard time talking about it.

In the age we are living now, storytelling became the №1 skill that will scale you up but still not many individuals dedicate themselves to it?

There is a single motive behind it.


Bullsh*t. This is such a lame excuse. …

Stop spinning in circles and ask your users what they want

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“Hi guys, let’s add this amazing new feature.”

“We definitely have to redesign the website.”

“There is no need for these two scan buttons, let’s remove one.”

“This UI sucks. Call the team and let's change everything. ”

When you look at the above statements, this definitely looks like an active team. They’re working on the product, working on its representation, and hoping to make good changes.

Great. But wait a minute.

What kind of changes? Do they have any good arguments for making them? Is there even a need to change anything?

You develop the product. …

A World beyond code.

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Run your code and help a few. Write about it and help many.

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

We are already at the beginning of a new area. The “everyone wants to learn to code” area. The accessibility of information made everyone more and more thirsty for knowledge.

Wanna put your drop in this ocean?

With the ever-emerging new online platforms for learning how to code, developer forums, tech portals, everyone around the world has access to needed knowledge to embark…

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