Reaching a point of disspair

14 Years ago I decided to leave my good paying job and open my own business. As in every country there are dozens of events, conferences, and courses promising to teach you the correct way to open and run your business. They even go further as to claiming if you dont follow their ways you will fail. As a startup you believe in most of the things they say and start following the rest of the students who have developed an over deflated ego, because they managed to bring up an idea of a project, and a super deflated ego if they managed to register a company. The directors and teachers of those startups enjoy the attention they get from those students and in return promise to give them support be it financially, or exposure by letting their favorite students tell their so called success story to an audience.

I reached a point of disspair when I finally admitted to myself that I am not good in sucking up to the teachers in order to get their approval and support.

All I wanted to do is sell a very good product and be successful at that. I wanted people to appreciate the product not the owner of the product.

I left this rediculous charade and confined myself inside the business. Only time will tell if I made the right choice.