The Wonderful World of Figure BUKAKKE

Amina du Jean✞
Mar 30, 2017 · 6 min read

Amina du Jean is a Tokyoite from Detroit, idol(?), heretic, Youtuber and fake French person.

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A kind thank you to everyone who let me ask them questions. The purpose of this post isn’t to invoke anger nor encouragement but allow the reader to make their own impression.

I’m a long-time collector of Japanese “bishoujo” aka beautiful girl anime figurines. Since around age 12, I’ve had my mother drive me to remote toy stores, slaved over a McDonald’s grill all summer long all for the quest of more figurines. These pint sized goddesses adorned the bookshelf in my highschool room. They were “moe” or painstakingly cute, and I often bought used figurines from a website called Mandarake. But what did the previous owners do with these figurines before they got into my room in Michigan? Were there folks out there who did unsavory things to their “waifus”(cringe)?

I remember a summer evening in the 10th grade, I was 15 and like most nights quite bored in my suburban rust belt hick town. What did I do? I browsed the internet’s cesspool — 4chan. As you may be versed on the website’s interface, 4chan is an anonymous image board where netizens can post cute anime pictures to violent porn. A gathering place for all of the World Wide Web’s weirdos and heathens. As usual I found it quite interesting.

I came across a picture of a picture of a J-Pop idol with semen smattered over it. I thought it was strange, however I did a bit of research. This was a trend “bukakke” over pictures of anime characters, idols or most notably figurines.

When I was around 16 I hosted a 101 panel on figurine collecting at my local anime convention, Youma-con, which had a healthy turnout annually. An audience member joked that he often used “hot glue” on his picture but that joke went completely over my little head.

I didn’t really think there were guys that actually jizzed over dolls, let alone anime figurines. I wasn’t repulsed by it but more so curious. I remember chatting with a friend about weird things that we’ve done. He confessed to me that he “hot glued” a figurine because his girlfriend, also an avid figurine collector, asked him to. I found it quite intriguing and asked a Japanese friend.

“You know, in the west, some nerdy guys do something called ‘hot glue’ where they ejaculate on anime figurines.” My friend laughed. “That started in Japan! It’s called Figure bukakke.” He also told me that his friend had did it. Said friend had also rented a high quality sex doll from a sex doll prostitution service so it didn’t surprise me. Both are renowned figures in Japan’s animation industry so they will remain unnamed.

Recently, my curiosity couldn’t be quenched. I wanted to talk to real life men(and women) who had a thing for ejaculating onto figurines(which usually cost quite a bit!).

For those unfamiliar, Bukakke, is a sexual act originating from Japanese pornography where a woman is surrounded by a group of men in a circle jerk. The practice was born out of Japanese censorship laws which formerly banned penetration all together, as well as genitalia being censored as well. While the act has spread to the West, the noticeable differences between the cultures is easily observable. While Japanese portrayal usually features the woman in a demure position(wearing a school girl uniform or office secretary suit) and whimpering, Western media usually shows women (occasionally men)enjoying such situations. Psychologists have studied the motivation behind this paraphernalia, often conducting it to be “humiliating” the women to “marking the woman as property”. Not specifically pertaining to figurines this remark can be applicable. Author, Juliana Weissbein of a book on semen fetishes wrote,

“The most prominent type of [cum shot] video on X-Tube … was of disembodied males masturbating to ejaculation onto a still photo of a female,” they explain. “The women in these photographs, often difficult to see, are described variously as ex-girfriends or ex-wives, famous models or actresses. Ejaculating onto photos of a specific woman allows the man to claim her as his property”

I tried to keep these aspects in mind as I later talked to the people who acted on these desires.

I reached out on my Facebook and Twitter – expected little to no response due to embarrassment. However from my 8,000 Facebook followers and 20,000 Twitter followers around 10 young men were eager to share with me their proclivities when it came to plastic 12" babes.

I promised these “hot gluers” anonymity, and asked them to be as honest as possible. Questioning them without judgement.

My first inquiry was how their habit started.

“Did it start when you started collecting figures? Was it a gradual process?

One interviewee replies “No. In fact I didn’t know anything about “hot glueing until I collected figurines for quite a while”. Like myself, he started seeing such pictures pop up on 4chan and he just had to get in on the action. I went on to ask him if it was for social gratification. A lot of hot flyers upload pictures on website’s like 4chan to get internet cool points or perhaps for some sexual exhibition fetish.

His next answer would shock me

Nope I don’t upload anything online! It’s purely for my own satisfaction. I find it erotic in a really dumb way. Like yeah, it’s stupid but I think it’s visually appealing to see figs covered in spunk. It’s kind of how a lot of people like seeing pornostars covered after the moneyshot – except it’s possible the closest thing to doing it to a 2D girl lol.

I myself am not someone who watches porn but I found his answer quite interesting as it was a clear contrast from the others.

I don’t find it arousing at all. I just did it because it looked cool and I wanted to impress people on 4chan. I usually think about real sex, until I finish and can take a picture of the figurine. It’s just something I like to do but I don’t really get off on the figure.

His answer was oddly similar to another young man I interviewed. This guy, didn’t ejaculate onto figurines but instead avatars of Twitter users and people’s personal profiles to rile them up. He also states:

I just did it because it seems funny. The avatars themselves aren’t that arousing to me. I started to piss people off on Twitter and it just became a thing I did to people as a joke. It got a great response and lots of retweets…It just became a thing that I did.

This person is not explicitly apart of the figure bukakke subculture however he shares a common thread with the other men I talked to. Most did this as a form of social validation in the small online communities they participated in, anonymous or not.

Another told me about using instead of “bishoujo” figurines of sexy anime girls, he rather used My Little Pony toy figures.

All of the men were average age of 26, and all participated in online “nerd” or alternative communities.

Notably, someone pointed me in the direction of a Reddit community of men who film themselves masturbating and ejaculating onto anime figurines, while other members of the community voyeur-ishly request certain figures to be defecated on. View at your own risk(NSFW) And a Tumblr blog on the topic(NSFW).

After talking to many of the guys who enjoyed “hot gluing” figures I still didn’t really understand the interest in it. But, there’s lots of things I don’t understand. Either way — nobody’s getting hurt. Different strokes for different folks.

Amina du Jean✞

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