An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark,

I hope you are doing well, Priscilla, the lovely Maxima and all the Facebook family.

I always wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing for the world, it is becoming a better place through the technologies you are building to connect people all over the universe for free, making the world more open and without boundaries.

I write you because you have been always an ally in keeping the Internet free and open. Sadly a few days ago, the National Agency of Telecommunications Regulation in Morocco, with the collaboration of the 3 main Moroccan telecoms sharing the local market (Maroc telecom, Inwi, Meditel) are shutting down all kind of VoIP services. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are included. Competition was the main reason behind the blockade, since it’s unfair (according to IAM ceo) that people use your services for free without paying a cent, it hurts their profits while they cannot innovate and look for new market opportunities to make benefits and keep their business running.

Ah, another dumb thing, they declared publicly that your apps are using their infrastructure and you are not paying for the charges, or for the taxes. Hilarious ! I know.

The stupid reasons behind this extreme decison caused huge community awarness around the country, people started fighting and rising voices on Facebook against the 3 companies and the governemental agency. It contradicts with our values, and our future’s development. We have been encouraging innovation in technology and other sectors such as renewable and clean energy by turning on the world’s largest solar power plant in Ourrzazate.

And I invite you Mark, to join the movement so we can make our voices heard, and get our rights back, and undoubtedly they* will fear the world’s voice and stop challenging our very humanity.

Yours truly.