re-birthed in 2018. hi, 2019!

Amineh Beltran
Dec 31, 2018 · 4 min read

Ever since I can remember I’ve been re-inventing myself. Looking my little 7-year-old self in the mirror, I remember saying, “Amineh, today you are a new Amineh”. I don’t think it was ever because I was trying to disown who I was… I just always knew we could grow — my awareness taught me that there’s always room for that. After all, we are all on our personal journey to be the best we could be.

2018 brought a new type of re-invention. I hit a wall after managing a health condition that for so long drained me of hope along with the other stresses of life. I hit such a low point that I really had no other choice than to radically make changes in my life that would allow me to continue forward. I didn’t know then but these changes wouldn’t just allow me to continue but to thrive. This is a summary of what I accomplished and learned in 2018 followed by what I will continue to focus on in 2019. Because life is a process, and every thing is connected. We are never starting over — just refining the masterpiece of art we call life.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

What I accomplished (in no particular order)

  1. Being 100% authentic
  • Came out to parents! Growing up in a strict, catholic household with traditional hispanic values had prepared me for the worst. Thankfully the respect on both sides of the relationship with my parents has created a much healthier, open connection between us.

2. Self-care

  • Meditating — I’ve been mediating an hour daily since March. It’s probably the most important thing I’ve been doing.

3. Creativity

  • First open mic

4. Increased my decisiveness, assertiveness, confidence (meditation helped a ton with this though indirectly)

  • The reason to do anything is the thing itself

What I learned (in no particular order)

1. Stopped waiting for life to happen to me

  • Used to wait for validation from others until I realized no other person than myself understands my truth.

2. Stopped living for the future

  • Learned to view goals as a compass not a destination

3. Letting others be themselves not who I imagine them to be

  • I used to spend more time trying to understand why someone was the way they were instead of actually getting to know them as they are.

4. I don’t need to justify myself if someone doesn’t understand my self-care needs

5. Creativity is infinite — in everyone and in this world. I used to feel resistance in creating art because I had an unrealistic idea of what it meant to be creative. Creativity is everything — express it.

6. Experience is specific, emotions are universal — Use emotions to connect to others by tapping into other abstract minds via the bridge of storytelling.

7. Nothing is ever personal

8. The only difference between us and our idols is a platform

9. I stopped people pleasing — I say “no” more than “yes” now

10. Tap into inner-power with creativity, spirituality, and meditation

11. What’s the “minimum viable product” (MVP) (tech jargon — sorry lol) of any goal, task, etc. to be considered complete? Do that.

12. Expectations are useful for direction; throwing them out when we’re in the moment is useful to be present.

13. We NEVER know the future. There’s no point in worrying about the worst possible outcome of every scenario. All we ever have to deal with is the situation right in front of us.

2019 Goals

  1. Dive deeper into creativity
  • Purchase tools that will best enhance the product of my creativity and begin being a professional in this domain. Write more songs, write short stories, more art, create video skits, etc. Continue to express authentically.

2. Health

  • Cut out sugar. Simplify my life.

3. Financial

  • Act on additional revenue streams. Create financial growth plan.

4. Focus on my truth

  • Be bold in all pursuits through action. Alignment in all I do. Get deeper into meditation and spiritual practice. Career moves that align with my personal growth plans. Live by the code of an abundance mindset. Feel more — focusing on the feeling that’s already there versus expectation. Continue to hone my faith in every blind step forward.

5. Finish all the books in my room before I buy a new one!!!

6. Reflect and adjust on these resolutions as I go along :D

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your thoughts are or what you’re focused on this new year!