One rule very important to get Results and be successful on your business

There is one rule really important to get results which is illustrated by this :

T →F →A →R

T stands for Thoughts

F stands for Feelings

A stands for Actions

R stands for Results

So that mean that Thoughts lead to Feelings , Feelings lead to Actions , and with actions you get results .

Act is a big part of getting results and getting success . Because you IF you stay at the Feelings’s step , you’ll never do anything , so you’ll never get results . If you want to get results and to be successful you have to act , always remember ACT is a big part of success and getting results !

This post has been inspired by this book : , I recommend you to read it , if you want to get big results in your business and be a millionaire .

Thanks for reading this article , it was my first article . 
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