Court Case Opens Against Najib In France…. How Come Not In Malaysia?
Sarawak Report

Reconciled with Mahathir, Musa Hitam posed a stumbling block to Najib being elected as the youngest Vice President in 1993. There was only one UMNO vice president slot left. Anwar moved up from the vice presidency slot to DPM. If Musa were to contest for that seat, Najib’s chance would be very slim indeed. Musa was persuaded by Mahathir to go for the vice presidency slot, as a backup, in case Anwar failed as his DPM. Further if Anwar and Musa worked as a tag team with Mahathir, Najib’s fast track to the PM throne may be blocked forever. Their Sodomy Plot to get rid of Anwar would be of no use. Mahathir would just resort to Musa as his DPM again. They can’t do a “shoot once” Sodomy Plot on Musa as Mahathir and the whole world would be too suspicious.

That’s right. The 1993 Highland Tower collapse was caused by a bomb detonated on one of the critical support pile groups. Although the key evidence of the “Missing Pile Caps”, peculiar “twist & turn before collapsing” and the many inconsistencies with NCL (natural cause landslide), were brought up by many, in technical forums and conferences, the official report still cited natural causes (landslide) for the disaster.

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