Pets and Intellectuals

We are all pets in the hands of intellectual humans. You tame your pet to keep its urges under control. The pet is also a platform to enact the plans we intellectual humans design for different purposes. Anything that excites this pet comes in expense of the time we have to spend to keep its functionality; be it food, sleep, or copulation. Besides expenses, we have to dedicate a sizable source to make the insatiable needs of this pet satisfied. As a result, plenty of the most valuable asset, time, is spent to keep this pet running, since we cannot perpetuate our existence and achieve our ideals without this corporal pet.

And yet, the pets we meet everyday and consider them our counterpart pets, are not necessarily owned by intellectual humans. They are, at the worst, stranding pets which have lost, or have never had, any action beyond satisfying the basic needs. It can be discerned that these particular types of pets are as purposeful and as meaningful as all other animals. The population and characteristics of these pets are open for argument.

The pet each of us own, along with its logically unnecessary, but biologically vital needs, is both a vehicle and an obstacle: a vehicle to translate our ideas to physical monuments; at the same time, an obstacle to more and greater goals.