7 reasons why I loved Dunkirk :

7) It’s refreshing to watch a film that sustains your attention in every frame with almost no dialog. That’s great writing as much as direction.
6) It’s thought provoking and never once dwells on nationalism. Doesn’t even mention who the bad guys are because even though it’s a film about allies vs nazis at Dunkirk, it’s really not.
5) It’s beautifully edited. In brilliant Nolan fashion, the story is non-linear: things aren’t connecting until you realize what the timeline looks like. And then the sub stories and characters become much more interesting
4) Stunning cinematography shot in Imax. See it in Imax if you can.
3) Hans

2)It’s a film about perspective: The micro and the macro. From a distance, an entire ship toppling over is as dramatic as a close up of a boy injuring his head. The film beautifully plays with the juxtaposition of perspective on drama.
1) It’s a celebration of the LITTLE GUY. The every man. How each person, no matter how small, can make a big difference. When all said and done, the film stays with you despite almost zero character exposition. BRAVO Chris Nolan. I didn’t like Interstellar, but I loved Dunkirk.

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