Heroes & Idiots — my short story collection

Writers have the need to write, to get the ideas down on the page. Between writing scripts, I started practicing this other writing muscle, the one that looks inside the head. My outlet: humorous short stories. Over time, after purging more than half the stories, I filtered them down to a collection I call Heroes & Idiots. The first story, The Maestro, was published in December by Cleaver Magazine. As I’ve recently kept my energy focused on getting my next film off the ground, I decided that it’s unlikely that some hacker spy organization is going to break into my computer and discover this treasure trove of short stories that are so brilliant they’d voluntarily take them to a publisher for me. Immediately. I’m not that good. Yet. But I try.

So, in an effort to get the stories out there and share them with anyone who cares, for the next three or four months, every Friday I will publish one short story here on my blog. Some are longer than others. I hope, if you enjoy them, that you’ll share and help spread the word. And when they’re all out there, I might pull them offline and get them out in the form of the final polished book, Heroes & Idiots. So tune in tomorrow for The Immortal Fyodor.

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