7 Best Golf Swing Tips on the Internet

Hi there!

Today I am gonna share some cool swing tips with you . That will make your golfing experience awesome.

I know, you guys are a bit busy. Hence , I will discuss everything briefly and precisely.

Few days ago, I was searching for the best golf push cart on the market. I have no idea how much hassle , I had to face to find one. So, I decided to share my golf thoughts with all of you.

Tip 1- Always keep your hand as low as possible. This will help your a lot to reduce your shot’s height.

Tip 2- Body is Just Powerhouse ! Yeap, In this case, you will use your body just to enforce power.So, from now, don’t relay on your arms and hands as the sole power source.

Tip 3- Elbow to Slice. It matters a lot. In this point, you may find some contradictory queues. Like- someone is following this, and you also find many golfer doing well not following this technique.If your are a newbie, I will suggest you to height your right elbow.

Tip 4- You should prefer the the Thumps Up technique. You should close the clubface as soon as possible.

Tip 5- Go Flip-less .If there any flips , chances are there distance from your golf ball gets a bit long. In that case, the swing won’t be perfect.

Tip 6 -Maintaining the K is crucial . When you are making the swing, you should keep the K , strictly.maintain the angle , once the impact is done.

Tip 7- The technique often gets ignored by many of the novice golfers. Never mind to move into right side once you done up with the swing.

I hope these tips will help you a lot to make a perfect swing on the course.

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