Sportive Digital Nomad in Tenerife

working from the rooftop

On internet the concept of digital Nomad is growing and one may find more and more information about good places to live as digital nomad. But they deal mainly with big cities or beaches. If you are mountain lover like me, your might be quickly bored in these environments.

That’s why for my first long stay as digital nomad, I chose Tenerife Island and especially a climbing house to live there.

I spent 6 awesome months there and I will tell you why.

The big city was not something I was looking for right now. I had spent my last 3 years in Paris and I was missing mountain and nature. By chatting with friends, I learned about Tenerife Island and when I discovered it, I was stunned: Volcano (the highest of Spain), climbing, trail running, hiking, biking and nice weather all year long …

Then, I heard about the concept of surfing houses (hostel for surfers). So I looked up on internet if there was something like this about climbing or mountain activities… and I found a climbing house in Tenerife… what a sign! I was so excited that I wanted to book a flight for the next day! I contacted the owner about the internet speed (vital for digital nomad). She said it’s stable and good. Two months later, I was working and rock climbing from there!

During these last 6 months, I was working like a « normal » person (between 30 and 50 hours/week). Nevertheless, during my time off, I was enjoying the « sportive » life of Tenerife : climbing and running 2–3 times per week, but also visiting the island and attending social events with locals and other travelers. As I didn’t waste time going to work (about 2 hours a day when I was in Paris), my free time off was much bigger :).

Here is some articles I wrote about running, trail running and about climbing and here are some activities done during my time off :

  • Getting up and seeing the sunrise over the sea while taking my breakfast
  • Climbing like crazy in the great areas of Tenerife (rock climbing, traditional and deep water soloing)
  • Opening new climbing routes with local climbers
  • Running and climbing on the side island La Gomera
  • Running in a huge canyon in the Teno park el baranco of masca
  • Seeing the sunset from the top of the Teide volcano (3718m)
  • Warming up my hands with hot sulfur outputs at the top of the Teide!
  • Getting tanned on the black sand beaches and bathing naked at midnight
  • Surfing at las americas
  • Watching dolphins, whales swimming in the sea
  • Swimming with loads of fishes and a large sea turtle
  • Watching huge lizard/reptile, and some pretty insects
  • Getting bitten by cactus
  • Curing myself with aloe vera
  • Watching the almond blossom and the old dragon tree (said millennium)
  • Eating palm honey, mechada carne, carne de cabra, mojo, a whole octopus
  • Drinking baraquitos (coffee liqueur + 43+ lemon + condensed milk + cinnamon), local beers at the bar (1 €) and islands Wines
  • Improving my rhythm playing djembe around the fire, and participating in a batucada
  • Feeling the pulse of Spanish life rhythm by taking a morning coffee on the sunny terrace of the local bar and chatting in Spanish with locals
  • Making new friends and living with locals and from around the world people (more than 15 different nationalities)
The black triangle over the clouds is the shadow of the volcano from where I stand.

Now, why is it a good stay for digital nomads ?

It’s cheap, the House makes you feel like at home, good internet


  • Good internet (during 6months, only 1 morning was without internet, and it’s was because of the operator). Skype sometimes lags with video, but audio only is always good.
  • There is big table to work on
  • The hostel is often really calm : “Sportive people here”, so during the day, they are outside and often going early to bed in order to enjoy the next day. Ok sometimes, you have crazy climbers doing party overnight :) , but as the rooms are far from the kitchen, you don’t heard them. ( or even better you can take part :) )
  • You can easily find partners to climb / hike / visit the island
  • The beds are really comfy : the structure has been made with strong wood pieces, so that the bed doesn’t move when the other people move in the bed (issues in lots of cheap hostel). If you want more confort you can have private room for not so much more money.
  • Rooftop is so cool for taking the breakfast the morning
  • Fresh air of nature (no car everywhere here)
  • People stay often a week or more (time to enjoy climbing and visit) so you have time to know them more intimately and share moment with them. (not like in city hostels where people stay 2 days only to visit the city and get drunk at night)
  • The hostel is cleaned by the staff everyday and it’s really enjoyable.
  • The village has everything : pharmacy, postal, banks, supermarket, bars
  • It’s cheap : the beer (25cl) 1€, big sandwich for lunch : 2,2€


  • you are at 500m altitude : it’s a bit colder than close to the sea and a bit more windy. don’t expect to wear short pants everyday.
  • if you don’t climb you will be quickly bored :p
  • Village but no city, so you see often the same people (but as you are in an hostel, each week new batch of people :) )
  • The supermarket has not so much choice. If you are sugar-free or vegan it’s not easy. But If you have a car you can go to a bigger supermarket or fresh market (A car is cheap to rent there!).

As you can see, the cons are weak ..

If you don’t know how to climb, but you want to learn, you can always take lessons with Erik (the owner of the climbing school of the village). He will share with you his passion and you will spend really good moments. But, be careful, we become quickly addicted to climbing! Climbing is not only having fun on a cliff playing at the end of a rope. You also learn about yourself, your fears and your body! Climbing is more about mental than physical strength. When you are on a wall, you cannot fake. It’s really challenging! If don’t understand what I say here, try climbing and you will see ;) .

Anyway, after 6 months living there, I am now leaving, not because I am bored but because if I stay longer, I will move to Tenerife and stay for ever! I want to keep on visiting more continents! But for sure, I will be back in this little paradise.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to make a stop there. You can also directly contact The Tenerife Climbing House on Facebook, the owner Elena is really friendly.

I hope you will enjoy Tenerife as I did.


ps: You can find all my writtings about this journey at and some pictures on

Running and enjoying the view of Tenerife’s canyons