Three interesting colleagues I have met at Andela Bootcamp

Here is to my latest colleagues in the developer realm “Aspiring word class developers”. I have always had the passion of meeting people who are enthusiastic about learning how to code, just like me. At the Andela bootcamp27, I met some interesting people and even had the privilege of being in the same team with some. Here is my list of three awesome coding soldiers I met at the bootcamp:

  1. Habib Audu(Mr Yellow):

This guy is my guy. He is super friendly, inquisitive, eager to learn and willing contribute. One of the most interesting thing about him is his constant smiling character no matter how difficult a task is to him. I consider him to be an optimist, fast learner and intelligent. At the end of the session, we had an interesting conversation which led me to found out that he is a traveler.

2. Akhere Ihenyen(The helper):

This gentleman is the one that tries to help anyone that needs him and is always humble doing it while paying close attention to what he is doing. He is funny and too serious sometimes. One thing I notice about Akhere is he accountable and takes responsibility for his actions. Akhere does not like distraction when he is focused.

3. Pelumi Longe(The Learner):

Pelumi is an outstanding aspiring web developer that has a natural growth mindset. He does not fake his personality. I can recall laughing together on the way I reacted when “Prosper Otemuyiwa” entered the hall. He was supersized and blushed to the fact that he does not no who Prosper is until then. Another thing I like about him is he asks intelligent questions that will help you realize and understand what you are doing.

Every aspiring world class developer I meet is interesting. The above list is a list of some of my colleagues I had the honor of having the time to collaborate and converse with at the bootcamp.

Meeting these people and working with them was a great experience. I learnt a lot from them and also shared my own knowledge with them and I look forward to collaborating with them on a bigger project.