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Amiqus has everything accountants need in one online platform

Amiqus has everything your firm needs in one online platform

By Laura Westring

Perhaps one of the subtlest and most remarkable things about the last twelve months is the rehabilitation of the phrase “How are you?” from a vacant expression of civility to a genuine gesture of kindness once more. …

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Amiqus Chief Executive Callum Murray Image credit: Stewart Attwood

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Press release

  • Award-winning software provider Amiqus has been selected to support Scottish Government pre-employment checks for two years after its successful participation in the Scottish Government’s CivTech accelerator.
  • Working with the Scottish Government’s People Directorate as part…

By Laura Westring

We could all do with some hope right now and if there’s one thing we can be thankful for, it’s how the devastating consequences of a global pandemic have created a once in a generation opportunity to change how we do business for the better.

Having worked for almost a…

We talk to the founders of three software companies

Over the last few months, the lines between our working and private lives have become more than a bit blurry. …

By Laura Westring

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his evening announcement that all UK residents must stay at home to protect the NHS, like thousands of other home buyers across the country that day, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves in limbo during the biggest financial transaction of our lives.


7 steps for communicating with authority and integrity

By Laura Westring

As part of our work to keep Amiqus secure, every once in a while we work through a disaster recovery scenario as a team so that if the worst were to happen, we’d hopefully be well prepared to deal with it. After the last exercise our security…

Say goodbye to bureaucracy and paperwork. Say hello to new business.

By Lisa Mahoney

Since the pandemic hit we’ve witnessed the biggest financial institutions in the world execute ten year digital transformation plans in a matter of days. We’ve seen century-old food manufacturers offer direct-to-consumer delivery for the first time…

Women and the next economic recovery

In any economic downturn, some people are hit harder than others, but with women more likely to be in low-paid, precarious employment in the sectors brought to a halt by lockdown, equality in the home and the workplace is still astonishingly far out of reach.

According to the Office for…


Building tools that make civil justice available to everyone •

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