Best Cryptocurrencies Today

The Symbol for Bitcoin, (current) King of Cryptoland

There are at least a thousand cryptocurrencies today and more being added daily. Some have been scams such as Coinpay, and others such as Dogecoin are based on silly memes.

So how do you know which ones to invest in?

Here are 5 cryptocurrencies that I am trading, or planning on trading. These are just in my opinion, worth trading. I’ve written a short description of why.


Ethereum is by far my favorite simply because of the technology behind it. As a developer myself, Smart Contracts are something I wish I had more time to get into. Entire new business models and companies are being started that use these new Smart Contracts, and Ether has been getting some serious publicity from companies such as Goldman Sachs.


  • Released in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin
  • Platform that supports Smart Contracts
  • More of a framework than a currency
  • Coin is called ETHER and symbol is ETH
  • Supply is 92,647,620 ETH
  • Market CAP of $34,733,407,513


Litecoin is a newer and better version of Bitcoin, but based on the same codebase. Litecoin doesn’t have the tech that Ethereum has, but in my opinion is far better than Bitcoin. As of now, Litecoin is also less than $50 and makes for a better investment than Bitcoin.

  • Faster and more secure version of Bitcoin
  • Max supply of 84,000,000 LTC
  • Circulating Supply of 51,641,832 LTC
  • Trades Symbol is LTC
  • Market cap of $2,467,689,467


OH Ripple! I literally wanted to buy Ripple the other day but am still waiting on my account to be verified on Kraken! Sadly, today Ripple jumped 13%. So I missed out on that jump, but still plan to add Ripple to my cryptocurrency in the next few weeks.

Ripple made my list because it’s being used by companies such as UniCredit, UBS and Santander. Ripple seems like a great payment system for banks compared to Bitcoin, which functions more like Digital Gold. Ripple is currently at 30 cents as of now so this one could make a few millionaires if it does blow up.

  • Symbol for Ripple is XRP
  • 99,994,628,433 XRP Total Supply
  • 38,290,271,363 XRP Circulating Supply
  • $12,246,492,361 Market Cap


Bitcoin is something I missed out on for various reasons, and regret it! It’s a bit too late now to see thousand percent returns, but there is still money to be made on Bitcoin. However, I do believe current prices of $2500 to $3000 to be inflated.

Bitcoin was first to market, and has a great name that’s recognized in most places. Like stock, companies that are well known tend to perform better even when they don’t have solid financials.

This is why I believe Bitcoin to be on the way down. There is a looming fork to take place on or before August 1st, which may split the Bitcoin community the way Ethereum was split into Ethereum Classic and Regular Ether.

I would be very careful investing in Bitcoin, although as of today, it is the easiest way to buy things online using Cryptocurrency. As with stocks, or anything for that matter, you buy low and you sell high. At $2500, Bitcoin is quiet high. And the “The Flippening” is happening! Ethereum is simply a better product and deserves to be more expensive than Bitcoin.

There are also other exciting Cryptocurrencies such as FACTOM, DASH and MONERO but they can be harder to buy and are still in their infancy stage. DASH is near $200 and is interesting, but I only have so much time and money to invest!

Investing in them now could make you super rich, or you could lose all your money. The market is saturated with Alt Coins and not all of them will make it! I will research them more and perhaps write about them and other Alt Coins.