Stay Human London

Humanity Does Exist In London After All

At some point in our lives we all feel lonely irrespective of the city we live in, what we do for a living or how many people we have around us; yet nothing reminds us that we’re never alone more than the kindness of strangers.

Today on my way back to the office from a networking event , I was knocked from my bike thanks to a mindless taxi driver who just wasn’t paying attention and pulled out from a junction without looking.

Missing 5 teeth and leaving half my face smudged on St. James Street, I am lucky to still be able to type this post — however what I am even luckier and grateful for is the kindness of all the Londoners who paused their day and came to my aid.

To the builder who made sure the taxi driver didn’t leave the scene; the van driver who recorded the whole thing and stopped to give me his details; the lady who called an ambulance before I even knew what was happening; the staff at Davidoff Cigars who provided water, first aid, a warm seat and a place to safely store my damaged bike; and the doctor at St. Thomas’s Hospital who gave me a hug, just because — thank you. A million times THANK YOU.

Your kindness has reminded this Londoners’ cold, cynical heart that humanity does exist, and no matter how lonely we feel we are never alone.

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