Why You Should Never Apologise For Marketing Your Business

Everyday, people all over the world experience the cringing awkwardness created from necessary evil that is self promotion, and even apologising for doing it; the question is however — should they apologise?

During a recent lunch with a friend, as the waiter left our bill, he invited us to look at his photography, which was hung in the restaurant. He half apologised, saying that the restaurant owner told him to tell all of his customers that his work is featured.

His resistance to proudly market his work struck a cord with me, as it is something I have struggled with myself on occasion and this got me thinking. People all over the world experience this awkwardness everyday; the question is however — should they?

I believe that he should never have felt the need to apologise when you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to apologise for marketing your work, because if you don’t, nobody else will.

Be Bold

We would have never known that among the many pieces hung and sold in the restaurant were his photographs. Often we assume that people know about us and what we do. In reality, most people don’t know exactly what we do or how it might benefit them — be your own walking billboard.

Feel Out Your Prospective Customers

This waiter could probably tell from our somewhat leisurely lunch that we were not in a rush to leave, so we might consider taking time to view the photos.

Although I can never afford any of the pieces shown in the restaurant, I always check them out when I dine there. For a local place showcasing local artists it has has an amazing assortment of pieces for sale.

Keep Telling Your Story

The more people you meet, the more you can share your passion for your business. In this case, this young man was making his living by waiting on us but was gaining his fulfillment through photography. In this instance, he chose the perfect place to tell his story.

Never Apologise

He really didn’t have to apologise for telling us about his work. Be proud of what you do, and be prepared to share your story in whatever setting you are in.

You never know when you are talking to a person who will share your story. They may even become a customer!

Originally published at inanyeventlondon.com on August 22, 2016.