Heyyoo! What’s up fellas?!

This is the first time i’m trying to do what we called “blogging”. Yeah, it’s a small world connected by internet. And this is what I’m gonna share with you first.


Most of fellas will do it in a simple way, right? But not me. Hehe

Not just by name, gender, or such things.

But still it’s crucial, huh?!

Then lemme do it the simple one, in front.

That’s what fellas called me. M. 17 y.o

Then we came to the 2nd part. the excitin’ part.

I’m type of ENFJ’s

I just realized many things, about my natural traits and still countin’.

  1. Too much think about what other people think
  2. You give me X, i’ll give it back X
  3. Not moody, but I was born to feel very very very sensitive. Changing mood in a blink of an eye.

I thought innocence like flippin’ coin, but. BIG NO!

Then why I made this for? Here’s my answers. I want to have something I can share with people, because things that you should have read above.

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