The Locked Box

A box is locked with no key

No idea what’s inside

The outside is calm and nice

No concerns just full of life

No one knows what’s inside

Yet assume the outside resembles within

Very few have tried to get in

Trying different keys, pulling it open

Even less have had glances

These people see just enough and are fulfild

Yet no one will know what is inside

What lies within is —

An ocean of tears which currents grow strong

A forest of regrets which grows green

A cave full of anger that seems to become darker

A garden of fear that bolsoms concern, and loneliness

In all of this nature of pain lays a graveyard

This graveyard goes for miles and miles

Yet with only one stone

This ordinary stone has one name, one word

This is my name and I am the box and those who get glances, never see this stone and what surrounds it has done to me