Rice: A cultural symbol since ancient times

From many centuries, rice is serving as a staple food item to Indian people. This is not only necessary as a food item, but it is also a cultural symbol to us Indians. From ancient times, rice is harvested by the farmers and according to Hindu mythology, rice is a symbol of fertility and good health. That is why when rice is harvested; all the farmers together celebrate and cut the rice as they consider it to be the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

When someone is getting married, it is a ritual to throw rice at them, as this is a symbol of prosperity and according to mythology, Lord Vishnu asked Earth to give birth to rice and God Indra taught the people how to raise a rice plant. There are varieties of rice grown in India; and among them basmati rice is a variant. Brown basmati rice online India is also available.

Apart from Basmati rice, the other varieties of rice that are available are Japanese Rice, Jasmine Rice, White Rice, Black Rice and Brown Rice. Basmati rice among them is the longest grain, which is slender and has a unique aroma, which the other varieties of rice lack. As Ayurvedic studies indicate, this basmati rice is the king of all rice as it can balance the three conditions of the human body. It is a source of nourishment helping in the growth of body tissues and is also easy to digest. Brown basmati rice is less processed and thus has higher nutritional value than white basmati rice.

Cook your basmati rice properly

One has to rinse the rice in water properly. Then keeping it in a large bowl, one has to pour at least double the amount of water in it. Then it should be left for at least 15 minutes so that the rice gets properly soaked in it. Then one has to boil it till minimum water is left and the rice becomes soft and puffy.

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