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every day , pupils around the world set height goals for themselves , over 100 million of our brothers and sisters are out of school , denied access to education and opportunities .

education in nowadays become not attainable for the poor ; yes , things like money can makes a difference in the future of every child ;

does that sound ridiculous !!?

yes , but it’s reality .

I am so sad to think about all the potential in this world that was going untapped .

pupils in romte areas in Tuinisia walk every day for long kilometers to reach school , they are leading a difficult life .

poverty and socio — economic needs lead them to drop out .they may have to work to support their family , and some of them need to stay back at home to take care of their siblings while the parents go out to work .

there are children who are handicapped or ill who live in mountains , this may crub their ability to achieve school

Tunisian children just an example for thousands like them or even worst in India , afghanistan, pakistan….. who live in dire poverty and under bombes of wars ….

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