Because it was worth it….

She dreamed of him every night…..

She loved his image in her eyes…

She danced at the echo of his voice….

She smiled at the memory of his jokes ….

She held her breath at the sight of his smile……

She broke into laughter remembering his dancing eyes when catching hers….

A myriad of memories flowing in front of her every night for months now refusing to allow her the blessing of sleep. She couldn’t imagine he wasn’t there anymore!

How painful it is to lose someone that was an integral part of your soul. No matter how you lost them whether by death, betrayal, travelling, heart changes that made them choose someone else….no matter what, this won’t change the fact that you did go through love!

Love is beautiful. Love is cheerful. Love is needed. Humans are nothing without love no matter how painful it can turn to be.

Love is this special feeling that unlimited poets and writers have tried to explain its meaning but failed to give it its real value, simply because it’s something that can never be framed in words. It’s this beat that captures your heart, this sweet breeze that takes your soul flying up above in another world where only joy, brightness, and beauty exist. It’s this spark that grabs you boldly without any previous hints or heads up to prepare you for the wildest journey you can ever go through.

Love is life. It’s what gives things their meanings and worth. And because love is worth every pain, every tear, and every hurt, she deeply knew she would never close the door or lock her heart regardless of the risk of loss and pain. Simply because she knew that love also held a chance for lasting happiness and purpose. She knew that this was worth taking the risk over and over.

And at those thoughts, she finally found her eyes relaxing and closing to sleep for the first time since she lost him. She started healing just embracing loss and acknowledging her emotions without erasing the beauty this journey crafted in her.

Beautiful memories, irreplaceable moments, and forever lasting life clips she will never allow to leave her heart, soul, and mind. Things she knew will keep her moving with faith and hope that one day this love will re appear in whatever form, but it will do because she refused to replace the love that once coated her life with hatred, envy, and revenge as most broken hearted ones do.