Embrace the Spark

It’s 9 am in the morning and I’m struggling to focus in a tough meeting. Holding tightly to my hot mug of coffee slowly sipping its warm taste and enjoying its aroma that was enough to wake me up, I started feeling energy spreading in my body and reaching my brain. I was about to start to be present in the meeting when my eyes caught her entering the place with the most shining smile and peaceful face. Uncontrollably, I lost track of everything around me and couldn’t unlock my eyes off her. As usual, she dressed so simple yet noticeably elegant. Her entrance was as always calm and slow with this pure innocent smile she never took off. As usual, she didn’t notice me and continued her calm steps towards the other room where her meeting was held taking with her the lightness and joy she revived my soul with upon showing up.

With nervous steps, she started moving faster towards her meeting afraid he might notice her stolen looks at his charming face, deep eyes and calm smile. She thanked God she managed to appear calm and steady upon seeing him. “What was happening?”, she wondered. “What is this force pulling me towards him in specific? Is it what they call the Spark? Is it what I read about describing how some souls can be connected before they even met?”. She had no clue, all she knew wast that she felt good, really good whenever she saw him even for just a few seconds. Tilting her head aside with a stupid ironic smile, she thought: “Who cares? He never noticed me, he might not even know I exist”. Smiling at the memory of his face and his noticed gentleness with others, and laughing at her illusions, she took out her notepad and pen taking her place to start the meeting.

And finally between things that are never said, feelings that are never shared, and looks that are always hidden, many promising love stories are lost before even discovered and given a chance to live.

Cross your ego’s boundaries and get out of your self-doubt’s drowning wells that deny you the most charming feelings, unbeatable joy, and peacefulness that real love can bring. This kind of love that is extremely rare in our materialistic world and only gifted good ones are blessed with, this unconditional love that only cares for the welfare and happiness of the other. If you found this spark knocking on your door, please unlock the door and don’t be afraid to open your heart for happiness. If you found this blessing, please don’t make it run away from you to escape your ego or self-doubt. But rather remove your silent mode and express your feelings. Embrace the spark tightly and never let it go.