Have you dared to tune into yourself?

Waking up this morning with many things on my plate to be done, i realized how having a reason to get up for every morning is a blessing. Indeed even if it’s not a stable job but anything. It could be a person who needs you, a cause, a pet you are taking care of….anything. Just having something to live for. You can live to make the world a better place by being a better person. You can live to enrich the lives of others. You can live to fulfill a childhood dream. And above all, as a starting point, you can live to discover yourself and uncover its talents to work on manifesting them to make a change in the world, to fulfill the reason those talents were created in you.

Yesterday, I met a dear friend, where we had such a rich conversation. I caught from all this one statement that amazingly synced within me: “We were brought up with an illusion that we are our jobs. That our real value is derived from work”. Very true indeed. We grew up that our work is our value so if we ever lost our jobs or decided to set ourselves free from its routine chains sabotaging our lives, we feel lost; we feel devaluated. I think the reason for all this is that we were unconsciously taught to get our value from external factors. This, in my opinion, is a key driver for the rising depression rates in our generation. Given the unstable economic, social, and political conditions, we are left with extremely turbulent external factors. Thus, giving in to the notion of extrinsically derived self-value makes us every second prone to break downs, hopelessness and depression.

“By the age of X, you should be married and having a family”.

“To be successful, you must have a prominent reputable career in a big corporation”.

“To be secure, you have to be generating a specific income every month!”.

And the list goes on forever dictating social, economic, and culture chains crippling young generations and imprisoning their talents, hopes and dreams. Imprisoning their desires to be different, to stand out in their own way, to create and fail without being judged simply because they are not allowed to. How dare one of them break the norms, how could they violate social taboos, how dare them simply get out of the conformity queue! And that perfectly explains why creativity is buried. Why youth are lost unable to discover their true selves and what they want in life terrified to search and tune into themselves. Parents in specific and Society at large must be aware that they are creating copies of themselves, they are cloning, copy pasting dependent creatures always waiting for approval from others to determine their path in life.

Now listen, my friend! If you want to be something, if you simply want to be happy, you must be yourself. Ditch off your mind and heart all social taboos. Never allow anyone to have control over your happiness. Don’t allow even one spot in you for “SHOULDs” bullets to be shot against you, only “WANT TOs” should be allowed and planted in yourself, as long as they are in line with your values, beliefs, and religion.

Do what you feel right at heart. Do it without turning your head up to the audience out there waiting for their applause or recognition. Trust me, from a personal experience, you need no validation from others to do what you feel’s right, it’s you and only you. You can always turn for others for consultancy ( and I’m highlighting this, consultancy only, which means advice with zero imposition of the solution on you). At the end, you are the one who need to decide from the pool of advice others willingly offer you.

Be a free soul. I decided to be one long ago but never started seeing its role in my life except after practicing several things. Below is a very humble bunch of tips I believe are the base for starting a magnificent process of unleashing the free soul within:

1. Do things fully from your heart. Practice listening to your intuition and religiously follow it with no hesitation in its power to guide you and show you the way. It’s your third eye that sees from within. Work on activating it more in your life to be able to see beyond, to clearly picture the unseen in your mind.

2. Get your motivation from within you- Be an intrinsically pushed being rather than an extrinsic one. Be self-motivated competing only with your own self, forget about others. Each has a path they are fulfilling in their own unique way crafted by a Magnificent GOD.

3. Believe in yourself and your inner innate wisdom. Have faith in the creature GOD beautifully crafted to be like no other creature on earth. Believe in your uniqueness and the abilities GOD rooted in you. Remember, everything you need is within you, all you need is just to tune in, patiently digging for your hidden gifts and watering them to blossom in your life.

4. Forget totally about the approval of others and you’ll be surprised at how the less you seek it, the more you’ll receive it. Yes, because not caring about pleasing others will extremely limit your distractions and di-motivators in your life strongly fueling your focus on what you are good at to excel in and fly.

5. And last, but definitely never least, but rather the goal of living, is Be Happy with whomever you turn out to be. Accept yourself as GOD’s unique creation. And never ever compensate on your peace of mind whether for money, approval, recognition, or whatever.

And to sum up, always keep in mind that at the end, as Rumi beautifully frames it:

“It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you”.

Wishing everyone a fruitful, happy, and fulfilling path. Trust the uniqueness and magnificence of your journey on earth.