She Believed….

She believed in miracles, so she found them….

She believed in love, so it crossed her path….

She believed in kindness, so she experienced it in everything happening to her….

She believed in her abilities, so she succeeded and reached her full potential….

She believed in her friends, so they boomed and over met her expectations….

She believed in her students, so they believed in themselves and became prominent figures…..

She believed in the existence of good people, of faithful friends, of loving partners, and of a better world, so she knew she will experience the existence of all of them….

Simply because she knew that she was what she believed in…

So no matter how the world conveys its evilness to her, she knew it was temporary because the world still held the best between its pages; its years, days, hours, minutes and seconds, its people, its incidents, its opportunities, its pain, its fears….etc.

She knew her world, the one she believed in its beauty, purity, and magnificence, will unveil its face to her, its beautiful caring one that appeared only to those who believed in it, and she did so she decided to wait and urge all her beloved to as well for a better magnificent tomorrow.

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