The fuel of HOPE and Your gateway to fighting Life’s battles

Today, I came through a note from a friend who just recovered from cancer, Thanks to GOD followed by his persistence and will to live and fight this brutal disease. He was expressing his gratitude for GOD helping him pass this test in his life through plotting down some reflections from his tough year fighting with cancer.

I’ve always been following his posts and reflections since he started going through this tough journey, and today I was really inspired by this new reflection. A reflection on the power of the will to continue and beat anything that can stand in your way. He wrote:

“Before my chemotherapy session, one of my doctors Dr. Philip Saylor asked me : Do you want to live ?

I answered : SURE , I want . For my mother , brother , wife , and son , I have a lot to do for them , Dr. Philip I think it is not the time of passing away, I have mission not accomplished yet , but I am ready if it is. So I want to take this Chemo.

He said : Great .. Great sense of life purpose, Erika — his assistant — please Raise the dose from carboplatin 650 to 850. , then he said: HOPE comes from having a life purpose”

Thank you for wrapping it all, Ahmed by quoting your Doctor’s statement and sharing it with us: “Hope comes from having a life purpose”. This statement just hit my mind and heart! Indeed, how could you ever go on in this life with all its challenges and downs if you lose hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a happier future, hope for the joyful moment or long awaited dream that will surprise you one day.

The keyword is really in this magical word, HOPE. Yet, how could we ever have hope if we can’t find a purpose to live for? Ahmed had something and someone to live for. He had something bigger to fight for, to fuel his will everyday to fight for his life & health. Life is such a tough journey, it’s part of its DNA, to be full of tragedies, miseries, losses as well as gains, pain as well as joy, and many situations that can just bring you down and hit you to the ground. What would ever pull you up? Pull you up from your downs to fly up to your joys and dreams? What would make you want to wake up every morning to face a new day and go through all the difficulties life is holding for you? It’s all a piece of cake once you are blessed with a life purpose. A reason to keep going. A generator of Hope to continue because there is something bigger you are living for. A meaningful one. If you are willing to continue this life, go find a purpose to live for. Find a purpose that will create Hope for you every day to continue through life difficulties and hard times.

So whenever you are down, started questioning your life, go look for a purpose that you can live for and God will guide you through it. Serve a cause, help someone, draw a smile on a child’s face, learn a new thing and teach it to others, spend more time with the people you love and need your company before it’s too late. Simply find a reason to Live.