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The Excuse Of Making Some Else So Special

Rather it’s an inspiring story you read about someone, a documentary about a person that made it under impossible circumstances, an extraordinary athlete or anyone that had great success in his or hers field — most of us have the tendency to make them special.‫

Don’t get me wrong, they are! but not for the reasons most of us think they are.

Most of us have the tendency to think these people are special because:
* They are gifted with talent.
* Had the right connections.
* They came from a rich family.
* Thier father/mother was a known person that opened doors for them.
* They look good!
* White/Black privilege.
* Male/Female privilege.
* They were lucky / at the right place and the right time.
Or in other words, they had these things I don’t so it worked for them.

Some of us even think these people are special and had great success because:
* They came from a poor family.
* They were abused as a child.
* Their father/mother was a drug/alcohol addict.
* They had cancer.
Or in other words, the adversity and challenge left them no choice but to succeed.

Some of the above might be one out of many reasons for their success, but most of all, labeling these people as special for the reasons above, serve most of us as an epic excuse to not even try to become one of ‘them’, a free pass to give up before taking the 1st step…

This line of thought might offend the person that had great success, simply because he or she is defined by one or a few things out of so many like physical and mental efforts, and countless hours of hard work ‘behind the scenes’ we are not even aware of — but let’s not forget, these people already made it, and in many cases couldn’t care less about what other people think of them.

What does it mean?
It means there is only one person on the losing side of this kind of thought — the person that uses this line of thought as a way to not even try.

Yes, the people that had great success are special.
Yes, some of the reasons mentioned above helped them achieve geat success.
But they are also special for these reasons: 
They are special for trying.
For not giving up. 
For having an unbreakable self-discipline.
For learning from failure.
For using adversity as fuel to achieve success.
For paying the price it takes to get to the top and give up on short-term perks.

They are special for doing the things most of us are not willing to do.

I ask myself from time to time “what else can I do to further advance my progress towards being a source of positive impact, and am I willing to do what it takes to be exceptionally good at it?”

Make no mistake — everything has a price.

It’s for each and every one of us to decide if we have a good reason to pay the price and at least try and take action, or pay the price of staying at the current place (may it be positive or negative for you).

Putting a special person on the pedestal and attaching his or her success only for reasons out of our reach is a wonderful excuse and a great de-motivator to instantly give up.

We should all remember that at the end of the day, extraordinary special people — are people, just like you and me.

We should all remember this and use it push ourselves into greatness!

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