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The Gray Zone

Most of the success stories have two parts, the black — a period of time when that person was at the very bottom, and the white — the period of time when that person made the breakthrough.

People hardly talk about the process — the gray, people hardly ask successful people to focus on the gray.
This is, of course, understandable, the juicy stuff is not there, in many cases it’s a series of boring stuff done on daily basis, sometimes stuff we don’t even want to do…

How do you start to describe the day to day actions that represent self-discipline, persistence or patience? Three major keys to success…

How many readers want to read about that anyway?

The thought of documenting my life here, made me spend some time thinking about this issue, considering my goal of making a positive impact on people is a journey — there isn’t even a finish line…
With that in mind, how many times can I describe a day that is pretty similar to the day before?
Considering success (of all kinds) has a universal core bricks of foundation like self-discipline, persistence, and patience as mentioned above, how many posts can I write about, it with a few changes here and there depending on what happened that day?

To my opinion, the best way to answer these questions should be by the value they provide, I was reminded of the ant philosophy by Jim Rohn, that answered the question “for how long should the ant look for a new way if the current one is blocked” — the answer, of course, is “for as long as it takes!”

This is also my answer to the questions above.

Yes, it might be less entertaining than the mainstream posts about success, but it will reflect the journey as it actually is, and I believe that alone would have a big value to those who decide to join me here.

For those who are not interested in the gray zone, not only my journey is not for you, but also success will be harder for you to achieve…

I’m here to put the gray zone in the spotlight, I’m hoping you will join the movement, and help me raise the awareness to the day to day effort.

Let’s celebrate the gray zone!

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