Your Self-Worth

I’ve stumbled upon this simple but amazing video that talks about self-worth:

I think there’s a reason it’s called self-worth and not external-worth — it’s because it shouldn’t be determined by external things, you never lose your worth, even if you feel like you did, even if someone very dear to you tells you did.

There’s another good point in this video, making bad decisions doesn’t make you worthless. 
Failing certainly doesn’t make you worthless — if you learn and adjust, it’s quite the opposite.

Many times it’s a matter of perspective, we have the tendency to declare a day as a failure and us as worthless based on one event, one out of many other events that happened that day, and to make things worse, the next tendency we have is to exaggerate about that one failure — no, the whole day wasn’t a disaster, and you are not worthless because of that one event.

Life has some tough challenges and roadblocks, not everything will work, not everything will work at the time you wanted it to work, not all your decisions will be good ones even if your intention is good — that’s life and it has nothing to do with your worth.

Think about this post and video in it next time you feel worthless.

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