Discipline — What it is and what it’s not

Ask yourself questions….

  1. What is that one thing that I decided to be doing consecutively for sometime now?
  2. How consistent have I been with it?

As simple as this questions are, most people have a hard time trying to give an honest answer.

Even I had a hard time trying to answer these questions… But in it lies the very subtle yet strong habit called discipline…

You see, Discipline is not a skill, it’s not even an attitude as most people believe it to be, from my perspective,it’s a character, I believe it to be an habit that one has built over a long time of conscious pretense.

YES! pretense is what it all starts with.. which is one of the traits you’ll find in most successful people — the ability to pretend to become as I like to call it. I’ll probably write on this in another article.

Naturally, Discipline is an anti-human character, i.e Humans are designed to be naturally undisciplined, inconsistent.We are behaviorally fluid by natural existence. Therefore for a man to be disciplined, it takes constant practice in short intervals — which I’ll probably explain later….

I know some who have questions as to whether discipline is a necessary ingredient for livelihood — As I have always told them… my answer still remains YES

Even a thief has to master the habit of discipline-ship to be a professional. A suicide bomber, an assassin; even the devil is disciplined…

It takes being disciplined to live, to exist; thus to make an impact.


Simply put, Discipline is the ability to keep doing something over a period of time till it becomes an unconscious action; mostly for a special reason.

Discipline is mostly relative , but it can be general to a personality as well..

Being disciplined is a rare traits that all entrepreneur needs to have.. Practice it, master it. As with all rare treasures, it always pays off big time…

photocredit: youtube.com

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