Very thought provoking!
Travis Nuttall

Sorry Travis, I didn’t talk much implementation details because so far I’ve only been experimenting and didn’t want to lock these down.

When you use the ActionProvider decorator, it will pass the instance of the component class (the Container, in the diagrams) it mounts as the first argument to the action handler. For example:

const Container = React.createClass({
componentWillMount() {
this.someStore = new SomeStore();
const MyActingContainer = ActionProvider(Container, {
actions: {
DO_SOMETHING(container, payload) {

It’s just as if you’ve defined the actions on the component being decorated, only that this gives us more flexibility in where we define the actions.

Also, instead of passing the entire component instance we could choose to only pass its state or something. We’ll see what makes more sense.

Does that make sense?

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