I often travel to LA for my other lifelong passion — karate .

My teacher is sensei Avi Rokah .

We served in the Israeli army together and later traveled to LA to learn karate under the late Sensei Nishiyama. Sensei Nishiyama was the greatest living karate master of his time. Avi Rokah continues to bring the same spirit and tradition that Sensei Nishiyama did.

While Iwas in LA, I felt a sudden urge to visit Rio de Janeiro having heard so many wonderful things about the city, culture and the people. A good friend of mine suggested that…

Imagine that there is life beyond your brain and thoughts.

Our thoughts are an obstacle to us when they tell us what we can’t do as opposed to what we can do. They limit us and tell us “no” to our dreams in sentences like: “You can’t do that.” “This is not right.” “Are you crazy? This is not normal.” etc.

I believe photography perpetuates life. Since life is love, which demonstrates full acceptance, when you are in “love mode” you become a channel to life. As a result, life lives through you.

Life is not just about our physical…

amir eshel

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